ISO 9001

Rexroth Original Components – No Compromises, No Headaches

Rexroth original spare parts ensure reliable repair

Components with the highest quality due to:

  • precise adaption of material properties to fulfill the technical requirements of their intended use
  • availability of precise tolerance data ensuring a smooth interaction of the individual components
  • manufacturing processes with high quality standards
  • ensured by production of spare parts in the same processes as series production parts

Continuous safety and reliability guaranteed by:

  • correct identification of parts necessary for repair due to access to spare parts specifications within detailed documentations
  • constant transformation of technical updates from the series production to spare parts and units to ensure the usage of state-of-the-art products
  • full warranty also for repaired parts and components

Efficient supply of parts and components enabled through:

  • short lead times
  • high availability
  • a global and local presence established by an extensive network of production, sales and service locations


High quality manufacturing processes ensure better efficiency and result in lower fuel consumption.

NON original

  • High leakage
  • High flow losses, reduced efficiency
  • Risk of piston welding into the cavity


  • Low leakage
  • Optimized flow, high efficiency
  • High pressure resistance

NON original

  • Material fractures at high pressures
  • Premature wear
  • Fluid contamination leading to damages


  • High durability
  • Low wear
  • No contamination due to particle detachment

The disadvantages of non-original parts such as increased total cost of ownership, higher fuel consumption as well as decreased performance and efficiency can result from the following factors:

  • Missing or insufficient checking of material composition, finishing quality and heat treatment
  • No availability of design drawing data and no access to precise tolerance values, resulting in bad interaction of the individual components when installed
  • Configuration of spare unitsnot according to the specification of the vehicle manufacturer
  • Imprecise production processes and insufficient quality control of parts

When striving for a long lifetime of a machine, the interplay between quality and reliability are much more important than the costs as a key characteristic of non-original parts. The high quality of Rexroth spare parts and units ensures this lifetime and proves that there is no alternative to the use of original components.

Only Rexroth original spare parts fit highest quality standards to ensure a realiable repairof hydraulic components. By using Rexroth parts and components, you minimize hazards for machines, the environment and finally your business.

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